Литература для рефератов (2020)

BBR: Congestion-Based Congestion Control. (pdf)
A Taxonomy of Software-Defined Networking (SDN)-Enabled Cloud Computing (pdf)
Dynamic Link Aggregation in Software Defined Networking. (pdf)
Integrated NFV/SDN Architectures: A Systematic Literature Review. (pdf)
Link Aggregation Control Protocol on Software Defined Network. (pdf)
SDN & NFV in 5G: Advancements and Challenges. (pdf)
A roadmap for traffic engineering in SDN-OpenFlow networks. (pdf)

Cloudburst: Stateful Functions-as-a-Service (pdf)
Faasm : Lightweight Isolation for Efficient Stateful Serverless Computing (pdf)
Self-Similarity in World Wide Web Traffic: Evidence and Possible Causes (pdf)
On the Self-Similar Nature of Ethernet Traffic (Extended Version) (pdf)
On the relationship between file sizes, transport protocols, and self-similar network traffic (pdf)

Towards Blockchain-Based Software-Defined Networking: Security Challenges and Solutions (pdf)
Development and Investigation of Multi-Cloud Platform Network Security Algorithms Based on the Technology of Virtualization Network Functions (pdf)
Building a Security Policy Tree for SDN Controllers (pdf)
Application of SDN Technologies to Protect Against Network Intrusions (pdf)
Are We Ready to Drive Software-Defined Networks? A Comprehensive Survey on Management Tools and Techniques (pdf)

P4: Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processorss (pdf)
Life in the Fast Lane: A Line-Rate Linear Road (pdf)
Design Principles for Packet Parsers (pdf)
Fast Lookup Is Not Enough: Towards Efficient and Scalable Flow Entry Updates for TCAM-based OpenFlow Switches (pdf)
A Survey of Optimal Hardware and Software Mapping for Distributed Integrated Modular Avionics Systems (pdf)

Artificial intelligence enabled software-defined networking: a comprehensive overview (pdf)
Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Area of SDN and NFV: A Survey (pdf)
Application of Artificial Intelligence to Software Defined Networking: A Survey (pdf)
An Experimental Investigation of Hyperbolic Routing with a Smart Forwarding Plane in NDN (pdf)
Realizing a Virtual Private Network using Named Data Networking (pdf)

Supporting Virtual Organizations Using Attribute-Based Encryption in Named Data Networking (pdf)
NDN in Large Detached Underwater Sensing Arrays (pdf)
The great time series classification bake off: a review and experimental evaluation of recent algorithmic advances (pdf)